Sohee Sports a Casual Style

Sohee of Wonder Girls has recently uploaded a few cute selca pictures of herself on her Twitter page.

On October 4, Sohee uploaded several pictures of herself in which she is sporting the casual style.

She is wearing a simple grey and black top combination and a pair of embellished sweatpants. The key points of her outfit are her orange socks and high-top Adidas sneakers, to which she is also pointing at. She still looks stylish and beautiful, even though she has no make-up on and is wearing sweatpants.

Netizens praised her cuteness and beauty by commenting, “Your face expression is really cute” “You are beautiful even when you throw on some random pieces of clothing” and “You have such a babyface.”

In the meanwhile, the members of Wonder Girls are busy with the preparation of their new movie on Teen Nick, “Wonder Girls at the Apollo.”