Upcoming Drama "Man of Honor" Releases Trailer

“Man of Honor,” set to premiere on KBS in a week, drums up more anticipation with the release of teasers that provide a first glimpse into the drama. The trailer introduces “Man of Honor” main characters played by Park Min Young, Chun Jung Myung and Lee Jang Woo.

Park Min Young takes on Yoon Jae In, a young woman who aspires to be a full-fledged nurse. She faces many hardships throughout the drama but overcomes them with her bright and cheerful personality. The actress sports a short, chin-length bob for her role, and is the first time audiences will see her in a short hairstyle since her debut.

Chun Jung Myung plays Jae In’s love interest, Kim Young Kwang, a reserve player in a professional baseball team. Lee Jang Woo plays Young Kwang’s rival Seo In Woo, the bad-tempered heir to a major sports clothing brand. 

The trailer reveals a slighty comedic touch and a lighthearted treatment to the drama. Production has earlier unveiled photographs from the first script reading.

“Man of Honor” replaces “The Princess’ Man” and begins airing on October 12.

Video credit: mayries05@YT