Son Dam Bi Confirmed as a Lead Actress for MBC’s “Light and Shadow”

Son Dam Bi was confirmed as the lead actress for MBC’s new drama “Light and Shadow.” The role that she is cast in is “Yoo Chae Young” who is a singer. The character Yoo Chae Young is never satisfied with her position, and has a strong sense of needing to succeed which is supplanted by her passion. The character is like the Greek Goddess Hera in the sense that she is an embodiment of jealousy.

Son Dam Bi stated on the role, “It has been a long while since I have greeted you as an actress. Because my role is a singer in the drama, I think the experiences that I had as a singer will be a plus. This is a chance for me to show my acting and my singing, so I will try my best.”

Son Dam Bi’s last role in a drama was in 2009 for “Dream.”

The drama “Light and Shadow” has Choi Wan Kyu and the PD Lee Joo Hwan who have worked together for “General Hospital” in 1994 and “Ju Mong” in 2006.

A representative of the production team made a statement regarding Son Dam Bi as a main lead, “There were a lot of love calls for the casting, however we wanted to have a female actress that had been a singer because of the role. Son Dam Bi was a perfect fit for the role and she also seems satisfied with the character that she will portray.”

“Light and Shadow” will focus on the life of the first Korean entertainer working the show business of the 1960s. The drama will provide an opportunity to look back on the modern history of South Korea. The drama will feature historic events such as the Vietnamese war, the coup d’état of 5.16, and the incident of 10.26. Also, actors Ahn Jae Wook and Jeon Kwang Ryul are also main leads in the drama.