After reports of G-Dragon’s marijuana incident, a large question that was the repercussions on TV, would G-Dragon be restricted from appearing on television?

Currently it appears that MBC, KBS, and SBS the big three broadcasting companies of South Korea do not have plans on restricting his appearances.

On October 5, a representative of MBC’s review team stated, “Currently there are no plans on restricting G-Dragon from appearing on MBC. Typically, MBC will restrict a celebrity from appearing (if they had drug issues) if they received something above an imprisonment sentence. Currently, there are only about 10 celebrities of that sort. It is hard to simplify the comparison, but because G-Dragon has only received a warning (suspension of indictment) there are no plans to meet in order to discuss G-Dragon and restricting his appearance.”

A representative of KBS stated, “We are very careful when we go about restricting celebrities from appearing. G-Dragon is a different case because he did not commit a heinous crime and he is not a repeat offender. There is no plan for making a committee in order to discuss restrictions on his appearance.”

A similar statement was given by SBS.

It looks like Big Bang and G-Dragon fans can heave out a sigh of relief!