Actor Yoon Sang Hyun’s me2day Gains Attention Due to International Fans

Currently Yoon Sang Hyun’s me2day is gaining a lot of attention because of the global nature of the comments. He appears on MBC’s “Can’t Lose” as the lawyer “Yeon Hyung Woo.” He first opened his me2day on September 27.

The actor did not write any posts on his me2day until September 30, where he wrote “Thank goodness that today’s weather is nice. I came on before I had to go for outside filming. Everyone please be safe and healthy, don’t catch colds.” He also posted a picture that accompanied the post.

The Korean media is intrigued with Yoon Sang Hyun’s me2day because comments are appearing in four different languages: Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese. The Korean media is stating that Yoon Sang Hyun’s international status is being proven through his me2day account.

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