Actress Min Hyo Rin is fast becoming a rising star on the silver screen. 

Min Hyo Rin was chosen to star in “5 Million Dollar Man.” This movie is about a salary man who gets tangled up with money issues and the series of events that follow. 

Singer and producer Park Jin Young (JYP) has been cast for the male lead role and is becoming a hot topic. This is because Park Jin Young officially debuted as an actor in KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” and is now knocking on the doors of the silver screen. This has gathered a lot of talk about this new movie. 

Min Hyo Rin’s role in “5 Million Dollar Man” is Park Jin Young’s strong and reasonable girlfriend who helps him overcome his challenges. This year, Min Hyo Rin rose to the top of the movie industry by appearing in “Sunny,” which set a record in the Korean box office, and has been cast for Gone With The Wind,” with Cha Tae Hyun. She is receiving a lot of attention as a new female movie star. 

“5 Million Dollar Man” will be directed by Kim Ik Ro and produced by Harimao Pictures. Harimao Pictures has produced many high quality films, such as “7th Grade Civil Servant,” raising the anticipation for this new movie. 

Filming for “5 Million Dollar Man” will officially start at the end of October.