Artist Ho Debuts: "I'll Fill In Rain's Shoes"

Artist, Ho (real name, Kim Ho Sang) marks his debut on October 6 with his first solo album, “1st Single ‘This is Ho.'”

Ho has already signed contracts with agencies in Thailand and Japan and has been actively involved in concerts, TV broadcasts and more. But through his debut in Korea, he will reach out to his Korean fans.
Ho’s debut is becoming a hot topic since it was timed when artist Rain, who is a close friend of Ho, had started his military service. 

They were actually part of the same debut group “Fan Club” back in 1998 and has kept up their friendship up until this day. During Rain’s world tour, Ho traveled with Rain and participated in the concerts that took place in ten different countries. It is known that much of Rain’s help and input went into Ho’s debut album. 

Ho and Rain, circa 1998(left: Ho, right: Rain – circa 1998 during their Fan Club days)

There was also the help of Park Jin Young (JYP). Ho difficultly auditioned many times and among those was a JYP audition, from which he was rejected. But apparently, JYP kept his eye on Ho due to his budding skills and he generously provided advice and encouragement to Ho’s debut album. 

Representatives of  Ho say, “There will be an empty spot when Rain goes into the military and Ho will be the one to fill that spot. This is all due to Rain, JYP and other’s musical exchanges and friendships.” 
Ho’s first solo album “1st Single ‘This is Ho'” has been produced at the Starling Records in America and the choreography and music and lyric composition all have a solid, musical base. His title song, “Crazy Tonight” has a strong beat and a soft rhythm, which has gathered good reviews so far. 

Do you think he has what it takes to fill Rain’s shoes?

Here is a fancam of a performance from Ho at Rain’s “The Best Show” in Busan, held on August 14.

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