Fall has arrived and that means new fashions! On October 6, the attendees of the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) were seen at Gimhae Airport.

First, we saw the all black look. Kim Sun Ah, Sung Yuri, Jo Yeo Jung, Nam Gyu Ri and Kim Gyu Ri arrived in black jackets and black pants. Their main focus was the accessories, which came in a variety of colors. For instance, Jo Yeo Jung carried a multi-colored studded purse.

Then there’s the old fashioned trenchcoat. Old-fashioned doesn’t mean unfashionable. Kim Bo Kyung, Hong Soo Ah, and Byun Jung Soo proved that. Their classical jackets gave them a high class look. Of course, they didn’t forget their sunglasses, which are a must for any celebrity. Most of the stars had larger frames for their sunglasses, reminiscent of the old Hollywood days.

BIFF, which was held on the sixth, hosts 308 movies from 70 different countries. The festival will be going on from October 6 until October 9.

Whose look do you like the best? Which would you wear personally?