Secret Releases New Teaser Photos of Sunhwa and Zinger

The popular girl group Secret has recently revealed its teaser photo’s for their first upcoming studio album, which will be released on October 18.

On October 7, Secret’s management agency TS Entertainment has released two teaser pictures of the members Han Sunhwa and Zinger.

The two female stars are both dressed in sexy black outfits. Sunhwa poses with her arms stretched forward and her head tilted to the back, showing off her slim waist and Zinger wears a sexy bustier and blazer, combined with an embellished hat. This shy pose of hers is somewhat different than the powerful poses she normally strikes.

This group has released a few single albums like the popular “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight” and one of the members, Jieun, even released a solo single “Going Crazy.” However, this coming album will be their very first studio album since their debut in 2009.

It will be a neck and neck race between Secret and SNSD, who have scheduled their comeback in the third week of October, just after the release of Secret’s album.