GD&TOP’s Album Release Cancelled in Japan

Another repercussion from G-Dragon’s marijuana incident, the Japanese release of GD&TOP’s albums that would contain “High High” and “Oh Yeah” was cancelled. The album would have been released on November 9.

Avex (Company that is handling the release/distribution of the album) stated on October 6, “We have halted the release of G-Dragon’s duo ‘GD&TOP’s’ single ‘OH Yeah.’ G-Dragon smoked marijuana in May which was before we had a contract. Because of the social repercussions in Japan, we have decided to stop the release.”

A Korean news source NEWSIS stated that the future of G-Dragon’s activities in Japan looks bleak. Japan is very harsh on celebrities that use drugs. They also state that because G-Dragon smoked marijuana in Japan, they would take it even worse than Korea. (Currently, it appears that in South Korea G-Dragon won’t be restricted from appearing on television.) 

It also seems that in Big Bang’s Japanese release of the album “The Best of BIGBANG” in Japan, might be cancelled as well.