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Jang Woo♡Eun Jung : The memories of their sensitive(?) first kiss

Jang Woo Eun Jung Couple become the main leads of a music video with the concept of “Ill-fated Couple.” The difficult outdoor recording within the rain provided by the sprinkler truck continues deep into the night but finally it ends! Now it’s finally time for the love scene that they’ve been waiting for since the morning but… What will the various love scenes, which reflects Woo-Jung Couples married life as much as possible, be like?

Meanwhile, the couple make their first lip-to-lip contact (?) during the recording of their love scene! What will the couple’s first kiss be like? And after their first kiss(?), Eun Jung reveals her inner thoughts to Jang Woo, what did she say? What has happened at Woo-Jung Couple’s tingling first kiss scene?

Won Joon♡So Hyun : The two of them think a-like?!

So-Won Couple have re-imagined the concept of a family motto and have set out to create a “Family Motto Picture.”  They go up to Sangam Mountain near their house and start to draw their picture in earnest but. What will be the family motto that So-Won couple decides upon after getting a hint from Won Joon’s song?

Won Joon, who is known for being meticulous and So Won, known for her straightforward personality, will the two people with completely opposite personalities be able to successfully draw their family motto pictures together? And who is Won Joon’s acquaintance that judges So-Won Couples family motto picture dispassionately? How will So-Won Couples’ family motto picture drawn in Sangam Mountain be completed?


Lee Teuk♡ Sora : We married just a moment ago♡

The idol that represents Hallyu, Super Junior Lee Teuk ♡ and the rising star of the movie industry, Kang Sora! They suddenly get married!

Before meeting his wife, Lee Teuk hands out the marriage invitations, which he personally made, during “Show! Music Core.” What will the contents of the marriage invitations be? What will the responses be of the singers that receive the marriage invitations?

Husband Lee Teuk receives a mission card, which tells him to meet his wife at a cinema in Seoul! He sits by himself in the completely empty cinema and waits for his wife with an anxious heart. What is the identity of the video that causes the extremely nervous Lee Teuk to jump up in surprise?

The two people finally meet face to face, what will Lee Teuk-Sora’s first meeting be like? And who are the marriage guests that have suddenly raided the couple’s first meeting location? Lee Teuk- Kang Sora couple’s first meeting that made them tremble and their hearts to flutter, revealed!

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