Super Star K3 me2day: Two Month’s Kim Ye Rim with Shorter Hair

Currently the duo “Two Months” is one of the stronger contenders on Super Star K3. The duo is made up of Do Dae Yoon who plays the guitar and Kim Ye Rim the main vocal. It appears that both of them went to “Leonia High School” in New Jersey, they met together and practiced for two months before appearing on Super Star K3.

Kim Ye Rim is receiving a lot of attention, and for a while the fact that she cut her hair shorter was a “hot topic keyword” on different web search engines.

On October 5, the Super Star K3 production team wrote on the official me2day, “We are friends of the same age. Two months and Shin Ji Soo look so friendly together. So pretty. It appears that Kim Ye Rim has cut her hair shorter? Wow she is pretty~”

Check out their most recent performance, they sang “Hey Fox” which is by “The Classic” a song that came out in 1995. 


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