Rain on Flight: Close to the Sun "For 7 Months I Felt Like I Was in the Military"

For the film “Flight: Close to the SunRain trained for 7 months as a real pilot. Rain stated, “For 7 months I felt like I was in the military. The hardest thing was not getting anything to eat. When you are in the military you have to eat whenever you get the chance.”

Rain will actually enter into his military service in October. The fact that before going into the military, he actually appeared in a movie where he is portrayed as being in the military gained a lot of attention.

Rain also stated, “The moment I read the script I liked it, I was charmed by the character named ‘Tae Hoon.’ While acting in the U.S. I felt a bit lonely and really wanted to appear in a film where I acted in Korean. Also, it was great because I had the chance to act with other actors/actresses that I wanted to work with.”

Rain continued, “There were times when I almost feinted. I am a bit claustrophobic but I still gave a lot of the different tests a shot. I am very happy that I had the chance to appear in a great movie with great actors/actresses.”

“Flight: Close to the Sun” is currently in Production, the film is a remake of “The Red Muffler” that came out in 1964.