Brown Eyed Girls Narsha Eats Cake in a Sexy Way

Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha wrote on her twitter on October 7, “’Nalgae’ (The name of Narsha’s fan club) knows what the Brown Eyed Girls like to Eat. You people are the best” and she post a picture of herself eating the cake as well.

In the picture, Narsha in sitting on the sofa and eating cheese cake with chopsticks. Narsha is wearing the “Sixth Sense” stage clothes. TV Report stated that, “Narsha shows off her glamour through the picture because her breast line can be seen through the V-neck.”

 Netizens have commented, “Wow Narsha is only eating cake but she is so sexy,” “I can’t focus on the cake,” “I feel the power of a mature-dol.”

Brown Eyed Girls is currently performing their hit song, “Sixth Sense.”