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Infinity Challenge “Event Hanamana Season 3” Last Story! ★

A new army president has been birthed! The last event for Hanamana is being held on a runway in an air force base! Everyone is on the same page and is craving for Shin-Gil’s performance. Impossible to predict! The wheel of fortune begins to turn but no one knows what the results will be! Will the Goddess Shin Se Kyung be able to go up on stage and perform? Who will be the team that gets to perform in front of the youths that are screaming “Shin Se Kyung” at the top of their voices?

The driver’s restaurant event as well! They perform in 3 events in a row! The unit group that are extremely lucky(?). CG & Park Bok! We will do anything that the audience desires! The idol of middle-aged men, the impromptu trot performance with Park Bok (Park Shin Young)! They endured much today! The after-event dinner party scene that is full of smiles! The fun concert and jolly memories! Infinity Challenge “Hanamana Event Season 3!” The last story will be revealed!

Infinity Challenge “Office” ★

The Infinity Trading Company employees evoked a massive amount of sympathy with their 100% realistic company outing! This time they are revealing their abnormal daily work life! The candid depiction of the seven men as they try to adjust to working life! Infinity Challenge real sitcom “Office”!

# Full of character! We introduce the employees of “Infinity Trading Company”!

  • He is an outstanding worker and is a legend for rising up the ranks with lightning speed! “I’m not such a closefisted person!” The king of nagging! Department Head Yoo Jae Suk!  
  • He is tired every day for having to work with a young department head, the always tired Deputy Head Park Myung soo!
  • He has been a section chief forever and is now looking to stay as a section chief for all eternity? Show them the power of middle aged men! Always getting abused, Section Chief Jung Jun Ha!
  • The only employee with prior experience in a major firm, Infinity Trading Company’s official “Imprudent person” Deputy Chief Jung Hyung Don!
  • I’m the most well off~ ~♪ Elite employee Noh Hong Chul and the colleague that joined at the same time but is completely different, Employee Haha!
  • He’s been an intern for 3 years, Intern Gil!

The Seven Infinity Trading Company Employees are vastly different to each other. Their work stories and episodes will be revealed!

# We’re extremely busy…They start work in earnest!

  • It’s just morning and they already have to sprint at full speed because of “Operation: Make sure you get to work on time!
  • The “work meeting” that is rampant with a wide variety of scolding words is normal! 
  • The re-discovery of Section Chief Jung?! His special and unique document creation know-how that no-one else can replicate! The “report writing ability review!
  • To stop the rampant use of harsh words and classless behaviour in the office, Announcer Bae Hyun Jin is specially invited to work with them! Our Employees have changed~! The “Work Lecture!
  • To improve the camaraderie amongst employees, Department Head Yoo has special prepared this occasion “Hey Colleague!” Say everything you’ve wanted to say but you’ve kept pent up to yourselves! “Ah so that was the case, I understand now!” The heart-warming words of advice that brings a tear to eyes… Is this perhaps a chance to vent my anger? Is this a skit or an actual situation?! What is the reason for the strained tensions during the recording?

Time passes as they get chased down with work but now it’s time to go home! However our Department Head, Mr Yoo, doesn’t move an inch! Infinity Trading Company Employees, will they be able to go home today? The laughs that exceed the ones created from the body gags during the company outing and the real situations that automatically make you nod in agreement! Infinity Challenge real sitcom “Office!”

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