Super Star K3’s Two Months Gets Asked Dating Question

One of the most highly anticipated and talented groups on this season’s Super Star K3 is Two Months, a two-person group, composed of Do Dae Yoon (guitarist and back-up vocal) and Kim Ye Rim (main vocalist), who originally appeared at the New York auditions and stunned the judge panel with their flawless rendition of “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai and “Romantico” by TeTe and ever since, have remained at the top of the voting charts with their spectacular performances.

However, musical talents set aside, an obvious question rises with the band composed of one male and one female, and this was the same question that a lot of viewers and fans alike were wondering: if any chemistry was going on between the cute guitarist and the pretty girl with the gorgeous voice. This was answered on last week’s episode when the members were interviewed by MC Ahn Hye Kyung who asked if they had any intention of going out, where the two voiced the same opinion: “No.”

Ahn Heh Kyung questioned them further, asking if there was anyone in today’s performance that caught their eye, in which Yeh Rim replied “Busker Busker’s Bradley and Do Dae Yoon.” Hearing this, the MC said that “Kim Ye Rim is not the person who we thought she was” and drew laughs from the audience and Ye Rim herself.

Superstar K3 will now move onto Kyunghee University in Seoul for their next episode while the question remains who will claim the $500,000 grand prize, set out for Superstar K3’s last live episode planned on being broadcasted November 11th at Jamsil Auditorium.