‎[Preview] KBS "Happy Sunday - One Night Two Days" - Oct. 9 Episode

The beautiful landscape of the country, if there is a beautiful place then we will travel all over to get there! Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min and Lee Seung Gi’s back-packing trip!

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Jam packed with the tastes and styles of Autumn! 
1 Night 2 Days’ Five Day Market Tour! The 2nd story!

The exciting and fun five day markets that open on the days ending with three and eight! (A five day market is a market that opens every five days) Will the members be able to complete their telepathy mission! 

Mission! Buy the object that is most universally recognized when you think about 5 Day markets! Puffed rice, work pants, corn, donuts etc, the members each look at a wide variety of objects and contemplate as to which one to choose! If they are successful then they will be given the highest quality and clean red pepper powder from the Goesan District! If they fail then they will have to go on a revision trip the next day and attend the five day markets that open on the days ending with four and nine! Will the telepathy between the members be successful?

Overcome your negative points and you will be eat the “Greatest Dinner!” 
1 Night 2 Day’s successfully overcome problems collectively project!
The slightly disappointing Soo Geun and Ji Won’s “successfully overcome problems with knowledge” project!
The stuttering Jong Min’s “Become an announcer” project!
The confidence lacking Tae Woong’s “Overcome shyness” project!
Using the food supplies earned from these three steps, they will be attempting their long-awaiting final stage! Seung Gi’s “Overcome problems with cooking skills” project! They need to successfully accomplish all these missions to eat a delicious dinner! What will their dinner menu be like?

The 1 Night 2 Day high jump competition that is held extremely early in the morning! Head towards the greatest parade of body gags!
When you hear the morning wake up song, then you have to jump over it no matter what! Their legs go wobbly and they falter about! The Member’s body gag that incites great laughter will be revealed! And during all of this, someone shows an aptitude and becomes a master of high jumping, who will this member be?

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