Rain's Last Concert Before Entering the Military (Recap)

The global star Rain has recently wrapped up his very last performance before entering the military.

On October 9, 7PM in Seoul, the singer/movie star gave away a powerful performance in his “Last of the Best” concert.

He showed off his haircut for the very first time to his fans and started this 2-hour concert with his hit single “Hip Song” and continued with the singles “How to Avoid the Sun” “Love Story” “Busan Lady” “Love Song” “I’m Coming” “Rainism” and many others, combined with very powerful dance moves.

After singing the first three songs, Rain welcomed his fans by asking them, “My hair is pretty, right?” and continued, “If I do not put any styling products in my hair, I look like the top of a chestnut. This is the first time that I have this kind of hair style after high school.” He thanked his fans for coming by saying, “Very important people are present here today, you.”

His performance was filled with these kind of jokes and he was very interactive with his fans. During the song “My Woman”, he pulled one of his female fans on the stage and dedicated this love song to her. Before singing “My Way”, he expressed his feelings towards his enlistment by saying, “It has been ten years since my debut. Time really flies by and it feels like a lot of things have happened. I think that life just feels like a highway and I think that your cars are meant for great destinies.” He continues speaking of his car metaphor by saying, “I will work hard to make my car greater for the future. My car has driven many miles, perhaps too many and that is why I have to rest at the gas station. Even there, I will make sure that I will work hard.”

He continued his speech, “I could not fall asleep last night and decided to write a letter” and showed his fans the mentioned letter.

“Ten years have passed by since my debut. Your cheering and support have made my dreams come true and even in depressed times, just when I felt that I wanted to give everything up, your support gave me the strength to continue and move on. I will become a real man now. I will now get some time to reflect on my own life. There has been some delay and I am very ashamed of that. I want to thank my loyal fans who have stood by me for ten years and I will promise them that I will come back as a better Jung Ji Hoon (his real name). I really want to thank everybody, my fans and family, who have believed in me until now.”

The concert was held in the middle of Gang Nam Seoul and 20.000 people gathered to support their idol. Not only fans were here to enjoy the show, but also 100 policemen, 100 drivers and 500 volunteers were there to experience the “Rainism”.

Rain will begin his military service on October 11. Let us all wish him good luck and wait for his return!

See the video below for a part of his loving speech.

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