SNSD’s Sooyoung Visits Sister’s Musical "Winter Sonata"

SNSD’s Sooyoung and fellow members YoonA and Taeyeon made a surprise visit to the set of the musical “Winter Sonata.” What made this appearance special was the fact that one of the casts in the musical is none other than Choi Sujin, the sister of Sooyoung.

Sooyoung is said to be a dedicated sister, attending every one of Sujin’s performances and approaching her afterwards and congratulating her. Sooyoung commented on her sister’s latest musical, saying “My sister has received a lot attention from people because her character in ‘Winter Sonata’ (Yujin) is very popular amongst people and therefore she feels a lot of pressure from the audience in giving a good performance. However, I know how hard she works and I’m confident that she will pull this off without a problem.She said this proudly and wore a big smile afterwards when she commented that “the people who already saw this were quite satisfied and told me that it was very good. I thanked them for their comments and that made me even more proud of my sister. I hope she continues such a good performance of her Yujin character.”

Starring in a musical herself titled “Love Rain” next year, YoonA told her feelings of the pressure she is feeling of being the lead female cast: “After seeing this musical, it got me thinking of how well this connects to the drama and how the long events shown on television is summarized and intertwined into the performance. I’m so happy that I got to see another version of the drama and it was quite a thrilling experience.”