Secret, Bang Yong Guk, and Him Chan Selected As Models for Snowboard Apparel

Secret, rapper Bang Yong Gook and Him Chan were selected as models for a snowboard apparel brand.

Sources from TS Entertainment said on October 10, “Secret’s Jun Hyo Sung, Secret’s Han Sun HwaBang Yong Gook, and Him Chan, who will debut as a boy group early next year, have been chosen as the main models for the 2011-2012 season at Kellan Boardwear.”

Kellan’s marketing director said, “Secret’s bright, fresh, and cute image will come together well to represent the brand’s image. Bang Yong Gook and Him Chan have a free-spirited and playful image that fits well with an extreme sports image, which is in par with the concept for our new line of products.

Secret succeeds Park Han Byul and Hwang Jung Eum, who were the previous models for Kellan. They all exhibit a bright and healthy image.

Kellan will strengthen its brand presence as they utilize Secret, Bang Yong Gook and Him Chan’s mainstream popularity. It is proposed that Kellan will launch its products in Japan, China and other countries next year.

Secret is rising to popularity in the world of advertisements as they have been recently selected to be models for a soju brand. On October 18, Secret will be releasing their first official album since their debut two years ago.