Cho PD Dedicates “Family Man” to Steve Jobs

The rapper Cho PD, currently awaiting his upcoming release of his first album after five years, has stated that he is dedicating his new song to Steve Jobs.

Cho PD’s new track “Family Man” pores over the subject of fate, life, and death. Steve Jobs’ life is referenced in the lyrics such as, “…I wish to not flaunt a life that was well lived but ended with cancer, and want to receive the judgment of having lived passionately”.

Cho PD confessed, “There was a time when I was flying over the clouds as I was under the hallucination that I had become a starting celebrity, having lived 14 years of my life as a professional musician, but I then went through a phase of observing and comparing between the subjects of my life as a public figure, and my private life with a lot of thought. In my lyrics, after meeting a various people in all kinds of career fields, I finally put down that no matter what kind of path you take, the lives of people are contained within a cycle that remains largely the same for anyone.”

He then added this about Steve Jobs: “Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5, was a person who became the mentor of many people despite what kind of job category they might be in, and I think that his existence itself reflects upon the spirit of this generation. This is the reason that the philosophy of my lyrics can’t help but hold the generational spirit that he represents.”

Cho PD says that the trigger that pulled him to start doing music was due to Steve Jobs’ influence. Cho PD is an Apple mania who still keeps the 20-year old Apple computer that he used during his debut years in his office. 

Cho PD also made a statement about Steve Job’s death, “I sincerely am sympathetic about Steve Jobs’ death, and I thank all his achievements that have contributed to the human race.”