Gil Looks Like Won Bin?

The rapper Gil is on the roll, he recently amused his fans with a cute selca picture and two days later he manages once again to make his fans laugh by uploading a humorous comparison picture of himself with none other than the actor Won Bin.

On October 10, Leessang’s Gil twittered the following, “Gary, let us bundle up!” and uploaded a comparison picture of him and Won Bin.

This picture is a screenshot from a comparison website where people are able to calculate which Korean celebrity they look like most. Miraculously, the website shows that the 37 year old Gil looks 82% like the 35 year old Won Bin.

Amused netizens denied this fact by commenting, “I have no words for this” “How, where?” and “This is dae-bak!”

Do you guys see any resemblance?