[Update] Rain Begins Military Service

World star Rain will begin his compulsory military duties on October 11 at the 306 Reserves situated in the city of Uijeongbu in the province of Gyeonggi-do. He is expected to begin time as an active soldier after receiving basic training.

Rain arrived on location at 1:10PM KST and was greated by around 1000 fans that had come to see him off as he entered the 306 Reserves base.

Rain arrived at the location accompanied by celebrity friends and colleagues such as MBLAQ, Best Friend and Koyote Member Bbaek Ga, Actor Jung Suk Won etc. and told fans and reporters “I’m sorry because it seems like i am leaving with such a ruckus, i will perform military service and return safely”

Lastly Rain stated before entering “Thank you for coming and thank you for loving me a lot for 10 years, i will perform military service and return safely” 

It has been revealed the Rain arrived nearby at 11AM to have a meal of Spicy Sausage Stew with his agency officials before heading into the base.

Rain will receieve basic training for 5 weeks at the 306 reserves before entering into active service.

The following is a recap of the day’s events.

Update 1:

The fans have gathered out in force since early in the morning, with fans from various countries gathered at the gates to bid farewell to Rain.

(Placard: We’ll be waiting)

(Placard: We’ll be waiting – Taiwan)

(Placard: We’ll be waiting – I love you)

(Placard: Taiwan “heart” Rain)

Update 2:

Looks like Rain’s DC Gallery fan club has prepared some large banners.

(Banner: We welcome the muscles that have been built up by shoveling.)

(Banner: It’s illegal to be in a relationship in the military, just shovel!)

Update 3:

As we wait for Rain to make his appearence at the reserves, here is some extra news regarding his last concert on Oct 9.

After successfully holding his last concert (Titled: Last of the Best) before starting military service in front of 20,000 fans on Oct 9, Rain held an after party-cum-farewell party at the CGV Chungdam in Seoul. The guests at this party were also of particular interest and flair, with one official working in the celebrity revealing that “Rain only invited people that are close to him. The fact that he held a party isn’t well known. Ko So Young and PSY etc attended. From what i know that had a fan time and encouraged Rain before he entered into military service.”

Other guests at the party included ““Flight: Close to the Sun” Director Kim Dong Won, Yoo Joon Sang, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Hana, Lee Jong Suk etc. Another official stated that “Since it’s their last time with Rain, A lot of celebrities grace the party with their presence even thou they had to arrive late. Rain also thanked every single person.”

On Oct 10, Rain visited his mother’s grave along with his Father and his sister to say his farewells before entering into military service. Afterwards Rain posted on his twitter account and stated “Really, even up until the day before i leave, this must be my destiny. After going to my mother’s grave, i’m now going to go edit the concert (Last of the Best) that i recorded yesterday T.T . It will air on Mnet tomorrow after i enter into military service. I hope a lot of people will watch it”

Update 4:

Rain has appeared on location

Update 5:

Some extra photos of Rain before he heads into the base

(Caption: Rain enters the vehicle and heads into the base)

Update 6:

Other celebrities present on location


Rain’s best friend and Koyote member Bbaek Ga

Actor Jung Suk Won

Update 7:

Here is a clip, enjoy!


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