Leessang’s Gary Taking a Break for a Month? (Update: For Concert)

Recent Update

Leessang’s entertainment agency Jungle Entertainment stated on October 11, “Last night Gary practiced for their concert with Gil.” The agency stated that Gary meant he was going to “stop playing (partying or not working)” and focus only on the concert. That is the reason why he put up the picture of Gary and Gil practicing together. 

Original Article

Gary wrote a mysterious message on his twitter that is worrying fans. He wrote, “In order to live life diligently I will rest for a month.” A picture accompanied the tweet which shows Leessang’s Gil and Gary practicing in a music studio together.

Currently, Gary is gaining popularity through his variety show appearances (Especially SBS’s “Running Man”) and Leessang’s album is also doing very well.

Netizens are shocked and worried, “What kind of activities are you going to take a break from?” “Do you mean music,” “You mean that you’re going to take a break from Twitter right?” “I hope this doesn’t mean that you will take a break from all your activities.”