Ha Ji Won Lets Fans Into Her House

Recently, photos of Ha Ji Won and her guests enjoying a casual stay in Ha Ji Won’s house have been gaining a lot of attention.

On October 11, an online community posted these photos along with the caption, “Ha Ji Won invites guests to her house? She’s showing much love for her fans!”

Subsequently, the person who posted these photos added, “Foreign guests who live in the same apartment as Ha Ji Won had the chance to visit Ha Ji Won’s house with only a push of a door bell! Luckily for them, Ha Ji Won was in the house – she generously gave them a cup of tea and even took pictures with them. It could have been a bit hectic for Ha Ji Won since this was a unexpected visit, but it seems like they had a good time.”

Netizens who saw this post gave comments such as, “She’s so kind,” “How can she be so kind? She’s so awesome!” “The words about her being kind that has been circulating among various actors and actresses must be true – every time I see her, she looks more attractive,” and “That’s an amazing love for fans.”