Jung Il Woo Practices His Lines in a Sports Car, “Baller”

On-site photos of Jung Il Woo practicing his lines in a sports car for “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop” were revealed on October 11.

Jung Il Woo will play the role of “Cha Chi Soo” in the drama, who is in every sense of a word a “baller.” (He is portrayed as a Jaebol, which is the elite-rich class of South Korea.) He is brash and rude but also has a hidden side to him which is both cute and innocent.

Netizens have commented, “Looking at Jung Il Woo work so diligently makes me anticipate ‘Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop’ even more,” “He looks more mature. I think he is a real man now,” “He even looks great when he is reading his lines.”

“Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop” will replace Uee’s “Birdie Buddy” time slot (Mon-Tue at 11pm) and will have its first broadcast on October 31.