[Preview] SBS "Strong Heart" – Oct. 11 Episode

▶52nd Talk National Team Selection Strong Heart Part 2 

  • The original hip hop legend’s noticeable wit! The big star of hip hop, Hyun Jin Young!
  • The rising star of variety shows that you want to keep watching lately! The sacred entity of the talk show community, Leessang’s Gary
  • The talented girl group that shows off the energy off older idols! Brown Eyed Girl’s Narasha and Miryo!
  • Full of Wit! Her passion for talk shows doesn’t disappear! The cute middle aged Roly-Poly, Choi Ran!
  • The sexy charisma that you cannot reject! She is always proud and dignified, Yoo Hae Ri!
  • She has taken over the television screen with her weekend drama “Live in style”! The colourful actress that is full of character, Cho Soo Rin!
  • The heart-warming and charming guy from the drama “My love by my side” that possess both wits and senses, Lee Jae Yoon
  • Cute and lively! The cute Miss Korea aspirant from the movie “Sunny,” Kim Bo Mi!
  • He is justifiably aiming to be Boom’s rival, currently preparing for his 2nd golden age, Yang Bae Chu!
  • And the talk snipers that hold up Strong Heart! Kim Young Chul, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Juri, Jo Jung Rin, Teuk Academy (Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Shin Dong)

MC Seung Gi, A duet hip hop performance with Hyun Jin Young

MC Seung Gi and Teuk Academy have ambitiously prepared to perform Hyun Jin Young’s “You Inside My Dim Memory.” For the sake of “Strong Heart” they have dressed up in 90’s hip hop fashion and have danced vigorously! The heart pounding session with the legend of hip hop Hyun Jin Young!

Narsha, “Christmas was a nightmare to me…?”

One of her fatal charms is her ability to hit high notes! Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha!
Narsha, Christmas was always a nightmare for her? The true nature of her evil boyfriends that threw the studio into chaos will be revealed! Christmas is the time when everyone’s love comes true but for her, Christmas is intertwined with a sad jinx, what is the truth behind this sad jinx?

Hyun Jin Young, “Father, are you watching?”

His heart-pounding attempt to win “Strong Heart!” The living legend of Korean Hip Hop, Hyun Jin Young! Hyun Jin Young’s greatest music teacher was his father! What was it about his father’s teaching that had such a deep and profound effect on him? The one comment that Hyun Jin Young said to his father that he would regret for the rest of his…the sad story behind his comment! The music that tied together father and song, the on-the-spot Jazz Hip Hop performance that is full of tears and heart-warming!

▶53rd Talk National Team Selection Strong Heart Part 1 – The Mighty Ladies Special 

  • The forerunners of the mighty big sister idol groups! Forever the hip hop femme fatales, Diva’s Biki and Jini!
  • You can feel their powerful presence when you are with them! The Sexy Charisma femme fatales, Baby V.O.X.’s Kim Eiji and Lee Hee Jin!
  • The mighty gag charismas that overpowers everyone with laughter! The big sister of the comedy world, Lee Kyung Shil!
  • The Hallyu Comedian that is always full of energy, Jo Hye Ryun!
  • The mightiest idols in recent times! They are much more ambitious than you think, Kara’s Park Gyu Ri and Goo Hara!
  • The top class supporting actor that is full of charms and has dominated the big screen with his fine acting, Kim Hyun Bum!
  • The legendary world star that made strong spikes! The hallyu volleyball player, Kim Sae Jin!
  • The laugh evangelist that provides big laughs with his wit, Byun Gi Soo!

▶The man to man talk battle! Unbelievable!
They will decide victory with the most surprising and intense stories that rocks the heart! The two people battle it out man to man with their story topics in this super talk battle!

Round 1, Baby V.O.X. Vs Diva

▶ Baby V.O.X. “We were mermaids”

An actress and a lovely mother! They have returned after making a fresh transformation, Baby V.O.X.’s Kim Eiji and Lee Hee Jin! Baby V.O.X, in the past they had massive will power and personally swam across the Korea Strait?! Shocking Confession! The reason that they could endure such a difficult program was because of So Ji Sub? They went through a lot of suffering in the water, their behind the scenes story that you can’t really laugh at will be revealed!

▶ Diva, “We were the queens of arresting people!”

The Femme Fatales of the music world! The proud and confident ladies that we wanted to meet again, Diva’s Biki and Jini! The mighty Diva cannot stand to watch injustice! They arrested six bad guys? Even if they are a fan, if they are doing something that disrupts order, then they cannot forgive them! They try and replicate how they made their arrest in the studio! Back then, their attack (?) wasn’t violence but was justified! The ladies have still retained their mighty charms!

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