Kim Rae Won apologized regarding the recent “Room Salon” assault incident. We reported on September 29 that Kim Rae Won denied rumors of a physical altercation with a female worker of a “Room Salon.” They were holding a company outing with agency representative for the new drama ‘1,000 Days Promise’ and one of the representatives got into a verbal argument with a female worker. Kim Rae Won was involved when he tried to stop the fight.

On October 11 Kim Rae Won appeared at a press conference for “1,000 Days Promise” and talked about the incident. He said, “I didn’t mean to be involved in the incident, and apologize to the fans, the production team of the drama, Soo Ae, and also the other actors/actresses. I apologize profusely. No matter what the reason is, I am going to focus completely on the drama. I will try my best to ensure that the drama will be great.”

The drama “1,000 Days Promise” is about a woman that is losing her memory while her lover tries to protect her until the end. The drama will begin airing on October 17.