Celebrities with Similar Looks and Styles

In Hollywood, the Hilton Sisters and Olsen twins are well-known for looking alike as well as wearing clothes of similar styles. In Korea, there are some stars who are not exactly related but look somewhat alike.

There are also stars who look alike and follow similar dress codes….

Here is a short list of idols, actors, and actresses who have been voted to fall in this category:

1) Yoo Seung Ho and So Ji Sub

Yoo Seung Ho who’s more well-known for his cute boy image has been gaining the nickname, “Little So Ji Sub,” – this is mainly due to his recent dress style as he frequently dresses up in slim suits that highlight his bodyline. Now, along with So Ji Sub, he is becoming more well-known to the public as, “Suit Man.”

2) Top and Kim Joo Won

Big Bang‘s Top and Kim Joo Won from the popular drama, “King of Bakery, Kim Tak Goo,” also frequently dress up in well-polished suits that make them look very chic and sophisticated.

3) Kim Tae Hee and Jiyeon

Kim Tae Hee, who’s one of the leading actresses of Korea, is already known for sharing similar facial features as Jiyeon from Tiara. Now, they share more than looks – they both dress up in brisk and feminine fashion. They are able to wear voluminous dresses that are brightly colored due to their princess-like image. Also, they both tend to wear pink-toned makeup since it helps promote their style.

4) Jessica and Hyomin

SNSD’s Jessica and T-ara‘s Hyomin have been voted as “The Most Fashionable Girl Group Idols.” They both follow unique styles that can only be well-complemented by Hollywood stars.      

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