John Park Working on Album with Lee Juk and Kim Dong Ryul

Singers John Park, Lee Juk and Kim Dong Ryul look like they are entering the last stages of album production.

John Park’s agency, Music Farm Entertainment, revealed a picture on its Twitter. It is a picture of John Park, Lee Juk and Kim Dong Ryul together. 

In the picture, it looks like John Park is discussing something with his senior artists. People have noticed that even in the picture, you can tell that it was a pretty serious atmosphere. 

As soon as this picture was revealed, Kim Dong Ryul posted on his own Twitter, “What a surprise – my company’s Twitter has become paparazzi.”

People who have seen this picture have left comments such as, “Wow, I can’t wait for John Park’s album, seeing how all these top musicians are working on it,” “Can we expect an album from John soon?” “It looks like they are finishing up the album work,” and more as they cautiously wondered if John Park’s debut album is coming soon. 

John Park, the runner up of last year’s singing competition, Super Star K2, and former American Idol Top 24 finalist, is working hard to release his debut album this fall.