Mysterious Seo Tai Ji Photo in Japan

A photo of singer Seo Tai Ji with a woman is at the center of attention. 

One netizen posted on October 11 this photo in an online community with the title “Seo Tai Ji in Japan with a mysterious lady! After looking at the picture, it was this person!” 

In the photo the woman’s face is blurred. Seo Tai Ji is dressed in a casual outfit, showing a warm smile and making the “V” sign with his hand. This photo attracted the attention of the legendary singer’s fans, who have not heard news about him since the Lee Ji Ah marriage scandal.

The mysterious photo does not seem to be taken recently and was apparently taken together with a female journalist from a magazine who ran into him on a street in Japan. The fans commented, “I am so jealous!” and “It is nice to see a smiling Seo Tai Ji, I miss him.”