Girl’s Day Member Sojin Reveals Voluptuous Body On Twitter

Girl’s Day member Sojin has transformed into a “bagel girl” (baby-faced and glamorous girl) through a single photograph.

On October 9, Sojin posted on her Twitter, “It’s a happy Sunday. From the moment I opened my eyes, I breathed in that special Sunday air and even the weather is good!” along with a picture of herself. 

In the picture, Sojin extended both of her arms and smiled at the camera. Her big eyes, high-bridged nose, cute smile and flawless skin captured the attention of netizens. But moreover, her slightly revealed glamorous body caught many eyes.

Sojin’s cute baby face and her voluptuous body made the perfect combination to make her into the next “bagel girl.”

Netizens who saw Sojin’s picture exclaimed, “She is a true bagel girl,” “So cute but so sexy at the same time,” “What a great body for a baby-faced girl,” “She has a doll face and a doll’s body,” and “I didn’t know she had a sexy charm.”

Girl’s Day is currently preparing for their official Japanese promotions.