Soo Hyun Diagnosed with “Vocal Cord Nodule” Will Prematurely End U-KISS 2nd Album Activities

Currently U-KISS’ main vocal Soo Hyun was diagnosed with “Vocal Cord Nodule.” Because of this, it appears that his activities for the 2nd U-KISS album will be limited.

A vocal cord nodule is a mass that typically appears on the junction of the anterior and middle two-thirds of the vocal fold. This mass will usually impair one’s speaking and singing ability but rarely harm one’s general health. It is usually caused by strenuous vocal activities such as singing or shouting excessively.

U-KISS’ agency NH Media stated on October 12 that originally they had planned to continue activities with U-KISS’ 2nd album title song “Neverland” until the end of October. But, they have decided to end the activities earlier because of Soo Hyun’s “Vocal Cord Nodule.”

U-KISS’ Soo Hyun who is the leader and also the main vocals of the group, had featured his singing this time around with many high-pitched notes.

The agency explained that he had a strenuous schedule and because of being tired, he probably weakened his vocal chords.

A representative of NH Media stated, “Currently we are going to weigh Soo Hyun’s rehab period, also we are discussing whether further activities are possible without him.”

U-KISS will still appear at the “2011 Asia Song Festival,” on October 15 and Soo Hyun will also perform, but they will choose a song that is less strenuous in terms of singing.

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