T.O.P. and G.NA’s Matching Airport Fashion

On October 8 G.NA appeared at the Incheon International Airport with a Calvin Klein Jeans outfit, since she currently serves as a spokesmodel for the famous brand. The photos are again at the center of attention because of Big Bang‘s T.O.P.

An online community on October 11 posted some photos of T.O.P. wearing the same coat, with a similar airport fashion outfit. 

G.NA was wearing the olive drab coat over a casual outfit with a T-shirt and black leggins. T.O.P. wears the same Calvin Klein coat with skinny black jeans and a wide white T-shirt. The look seems natural and casual but at the same time elegant and chic. 

The reason of the noise regarding those photos is that according to the netizens this will be a statement of a couple, in another words a “couple look.” The coat was released in olive and navy, for man and woman and this item sells very well as a “couple look.”

Netizens commented “They look like models”, “Even if they say it was by chance.. they look very good together.”