The VIP premiere of “Today” starring Song Hye Gyo was held on October 12 at the Seoul Jayang-dong Lotte Cinema. Many top stars attended this event including Hong Soo Ah, Kim Min Hee, Noh Min Woo, Jung Woo Sung, Park Tae Hwan, Moon Chae Won, Yoo Ji Tae, Go Hyun Jung, Seo Hye Rim and Song Yoon Ah.

Check out the actresses and actors in their best fall gear!

The star of the movie, Song Hye Gyo, in a rather unexpectedly shocking all-nude ensemble.

Actress Hong Soo Ah’s outfit was all the rave this night. Her soft, ivory, see-through top had a unexpected twist with an open back, which gave off a feminine but sexy vibe.


Fashionista actress Kim Min Hee doesn’t fail to impress us with her stylish, fall outfit.


Noh Min Woo was dubbed as a “magician boy” on this night with his black attire.


Olympic gold medalist, Park Tae Hwan in a simple black and gray outfit.


Moon Chae Won is looking lovely with her brightly printed dress and suede heels.


The hunky Jung Woo Sung in a casual outfit, rocking those fierce boots.


Yoo Ji Tae was called “the cold autumn man” due to his cool face expression and his fall-style outfit.


Always on the rise, actress Go Hyun Jung sporting an all black ensemble.


Seo Hye Rim in sexy thigh-high boots.


The beautiful Song Yoon Ah.

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