Park Si Yeon Will Participate in Charity Bazaar Before Her Wedding

Actress Park Si Yeon, with her wedding coming up soon, will participate in a charity bazaar event and show much love and warmth. 

Park Si Yeon, with fashion brand Touch will open a charity bazaar of love at the Hyundai Department Store in Mok-dong. The bazaar will last for three days, starting on October 14 to October 16. 

The bazaar event is called, “Park Si Yeon’s It Style” and will have a theme of “An Actress’ Dressroom” planned by Touch and Park Si Yeon herself. 

Park Si Yeon’s limited edition products can only be accessed at this bazaar. On October 15, Park Si Yeon will sell the products herself and there will be a special event where she will do the styling for customers. 

All proceeds from this bazaar is planned to go toward “With US International,” which is an organization that supports overseas adoption and Korean residents abroad.