Lee Min Ho‘s overseas popularity is quite explosive. Lee Min Ho, who already rose to the top overseas through the drama, “Boys Over Flowers,” has once again revamped his popularity through his most recent drama, “City Hunter.”

Due to this popularity, there has been many reports of false advertising using Lee Min Ho’s name in many different Asian countries. Therefore, Lee Min Ho’s agency is taking cautionary measures.

In this past September, there was a Hyundai Motors launching event in China. At this launching, tickets for a free event with Lee Min Ho was being sold for about 300 dollars. When this was discovered, Lee Min Ho’s official Chinese blog announced that it was a scam and that the event is free. In Hong Kong, false information was being passed around about Lee Min Ho having a fan sign meeting in December.

Representatives from Lee Min Ho’s agency stated, “Many people from different countries are asking about Lee Min Ho’s schedule ever since the spike of his popularity from ‘City Hunter.’ Recently, there have been many false events veiled as Lee Min Ho’s fan meetings and fan sign meetings in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries. We have given them warnings and have taken disciplinary measures for these fabrications. Please be cautious about these false events.”

Lee Min Ho is planning to have an Asia Tour at the end of the year. Information for the tour will be posted on Lee Min Ho’s official website and on Lee Min Ho’s official Chinese blog. 

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho, who has won the Best Actor award and the Hallyu Star Award at the 2011 Korea Drama Awards, is taking time to focus on himself and is resting.