Taecyeon and Jessica’s Dating Rumors Continue: Spotted Eating Brunch

It was brunch-time. SNSD’s Jessica and 2PM’s Taecyeon were seen together enjoying late morning brunch. We reported before when the two were spotted together and the dating rumors were going on.

On October 4 in a petite café located in Jung-Oh Dosan Park, the two were seen walking, almost giving off a couple’s aura. Taecyeon got off from Jessica’s car, and the two went inside the café and took a table on the 2nd floor.

They ordered a few dishes and enjoyed the food while talking about trivial and serious matters for over an hour.

The two were always famous for being “Best Friends” of K-Pop. It is said that SNSD and 2PM are also very close together, but Jessica and Taecyeon are “especially” closer.

Since the two of them had experiences of living in America, it is being said that the two of them depended on each other through hard times. Taecyeon and Jessica had great chemistry, and on this day, there were a lot of occupied tables. However, they did not mind other people at all, and conversed in both English and Korean. 

After 1 hour, they headed out of the café. Taecyeon’s gentleman manners were evidently apparent. After calculating the money for the food they ate, he held the door open saying, “Ladies First.” Jessica was also extremely thoughtful by driving Taecyeon.

They also had chic fashion. SNSD’s fashionista Jessica chose an all-black look. She matched a stylish black jacket with clean black jeans and a T-shirt. She tied the look together with a black leather Motor bag and gray pump heels, maintaining a “tone and manner” look. Her long beautiful brown hair was also unique of the crowd. 


Taecyeon also wore a tight black t-shirt with jeans, and the shirt and the pants could not hide his firmly toned body. He matched the outfit together with a brown leather jacket and nicely polished black walker boots, adding to his masculine look. His organized hairstyle also finished his trendy look.

The officials for their respective agencies stated, “SNSD and 2PM meet up together often because they’re so close to each other. I think they had brunch together because they are very friendly together.”

On the other hand, SNSD is having their world wide comeback with the new album “The Boys.” Taecyeon is featuring in Fuji TV Drama, “My 99 Days with a Star,” along with filming and 2PM’s worldwide tour performance, adding a spur of activities.

What do you think about this couple? Do you think they are going out for real? Do you support them? Please leave your comments below on what you think!

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