SNSD Tiffany’s Radiant Beauty During A Musical Rehearsal

SNSD’s Tiffany has been captured in a photo during a rehearsal for her musical.

This picture was posted on an Internet community site on the morning of October 13 and it was named, “Tiffany In The Middle of Musical Rehearsal.”

In the picture, Tiffany is sporting her trademark pink cardigan and has a bright smile on her face. Even with comfortable, ordinary clothing, Tiffany’s radiant beauty can’t be missed. 

The person who posted this picture said, “She’s not completely recovered from being sick but it is said that she practiced cheerfully on this day.”

Netizens who saw this picture left comments such as, “Don’t be sick, be healthy! If you’re sick, my heart hurts too,” “You are always shining and radiant,” “Like always, Tiffany’s smile is so pretty,” and more.

Tiffany will be performing in the musical, “Fame,” which is about a female student, Carmen Diaz, who has a dream of becoming a famous star. The opening show will be held on November 25.