Jaejoong’s Accessories Auctioned Off at High Prices for Charity

From August 3 to September 30, accessories belonging to JYJ’s Jaejoong were up for auction on SBS’s Star Charity Auction site. The site puts up for celebrities items for auction and donates the proceeds to charity.

Jaejoong donated his necklace and bracelet as a cast member of SBS’s “Protect the Boss.” Starting at the initial bid of 200,000won (~173USD), the accessories were finally sold at the price of 1,520,000won (~1312USD). This set a record for the Star Charity Auction as the highest bid, with the t-shirt of actor Jo Hyun Jae (“49 Days”) sold at 720,000won (~621USD) for second highest bid.

Through auctions like this, it’s great to see fans killing two birds with one stone: they get their favorite star’s treasures as well donating to charity.