Tablo Expresses His Sentiments About the Stanford Incident Through "Airbag"

Tablo has opened up after the controversy regarding whether he went to Stanford or not, through his lyrics.

The song “Airbag” which was recently released is Tablo’s first solo track.

The depression and loneliness because of the incident is expressed in “Airbag.” Just like airbags in cars save you from an accident, the message in the song is “Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an ‘airbag’ that saves you from the sad things that happen in life?”

The song contains acoustics and Na Ul’s vocals. The lyrics express Tablo’s loneliness during the “Stanford Incident”:

I need an airbag, before I collide with the great sadness / I think I’m the only one that is an island / Is that person alone as well, where long days rest for a while / It’s too late to avoid it, there are so many things to take care of that I don’t get drunk / loneliness is a given for me, even if someone is next to me are there any more parts of me to share?

Currently “Airbag” is doing well on the online music charts. It is almost #1 across the board for all the websites.