Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo’s Appearance On "Full House Two" Is Being Temporarily Put Off

Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo’s agency “Core Contents Media” has announced on Oct. 14 through a press release that “Due to a significant disagreement with the producers for the drama ‘Full House Two,’ we have temporarily decide to put off plans for Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo to appear on ‘Full House Two.'”

Core Contents Media explained further by stating that “We have made this decision because the character concepts for ‘Full House Two” did not match the images of our two actors'” and that they were “Currently working on reaching a compromise with the producers regarding this problem.”

“Full House Two” is drama that is based off a Korean Style Comic Book of the same name created by author Won Soo Yeon and is about a poor but energetic aspiring journalist, a top celebrity and the commotions they go through as they stage a fake engagement.

Hwang Jung Eum and Noh Min Woo had been cast for the roles of the aspiring journalist Jang Man Oak and the top celebrity Lee Tae Ik respectively.