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Won Joon♡So Hyun: So-Won Couple’s quite disorderly housewarming party

So-Won couple decides to invite their acquaintances over and hold a housewarming party. So Hyun decides to properly show off her cooking skills, which she has been steadily improving(?) upon. She confidently declares that she will make a full course Chinese meal but will the So Hyun style full course Chinese meal get successfully made?

While So Hyun is busily cooking, Won Joon dresses up the house. He lays down a “Handsome Idiot” style handmade(?) red carpet from the entrance of the elevator to their front door. So Hyun is preparing the dishes one by one when suddenly an emergency situation occurs. What was this emergency situation and who are the formidable guests that will be barging in any time now?


Jang Woo♡Eun Jun : Today is the day when the couple thinks about their health!

After the difficult music video recording, the couple wake up in their couple house. While Eun Jun is sleeping, Jang Woo goes around and inspects the house, what will the state of the house be like?

To protect the health of the exhausted couple, they decide to set aside today as the day when the couple thinks about their health. Eun Jung says that she will make oriental tea for Jang Woo, which is good for his body. What kind of ambitious preparations has Eun Jung made so that the couple can have a healthy day? And what will the couple’s responses be after watching the music video they recorded together?

Gyung Dong Markets is full of fresh food ingredients and various types of rare medicinal items. “The idol of the older ladies” Jang Woo gets an endless stream of attention from everyone. There is even a passionate fan that is opposed(?) to his marriage! How will the couple get through this?


Lee Teuk♡Kang Sora : You are my prince♡

Teuk and Sora finally has their nervous first meeting. The awkward moment continues on when their wedding guests suddenly arrives – it’s Super Junior! They propose a surprise mission for the newlywed couple, “Decide upon a nickname!” Why has Sora collapsed on the spot after hearing the nickname that Lee Teuk has made for her?

The surprise guests, Super Junior, decides to start “Operation: Please get friendly with each other~.” During all of this, why has Sora screamed out “Oh God?” Will Super Junior’s mischievous plan get carried out successfully What kind of events will happen at the couple’s first meeting with their special guests?

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