Yoon Shi Yoon Replaces Injured Kim Jae Won in "Me Too, Flower!"

Finally, a decision: Yoon Shi Yoon (“Baker King Kim Tak Goo“) has been tapped to replace Kim Jae Won in the rom-com drama “Me Too, Flower!,” as the latter will be in recovery for a dislocated shoulder sustained while shooting the drama. Kim had wanted to stick with the drama despite the circumstances, but ultimately everyone decided it best that the injured actor get some rest.

My first reaction was worry (Yikes, they’re losing Kim Jae Won after all! Wither the hero?), then relief (Oh, they’ve got a replacement lined up? Okay then), then confusion (So baby-cheeked twentysomething Yoon Shi Yoon is playing the same role as post-army thirty-year-old Kim Jae Won?), then a shrug (At least they got an actor to step in with only two weeks till the premiere — best not be picky). Phew, I’m all worn out from the roller-coaster.

First and foremost, I’m glad that Kim Jae Won won’t be trying to soldier on with what sounds like a substantial injury. Commitment and loyalty is one thing; being able to regain use of your arm is another.

However, I’m not any less concerned about the drama, especially since Yoon Shi Yoon will be joining the shoots mid-week. NEXT WEEK. That gives the drama two weeks to shoot and edit two episodes, and the show will essentially be in live shoots from the get-go.

Curious note: “Can’t Lose” wraps up next week, so “Me Too, Flower!” ought to be starting on October 26, but its premiere date is now set for November 2. I wonder what MBC will slot in for that blank week — and more to the point, why they can’t then slot in another week of specials/news/filler to give “Flower” more breathing room. Sure, you might be giving away one week of ratings competition to the rivals, but surely that’s better than putting on a drama prematurely and ensuring that the next two months are gone to waste as well?

Via Hankook Ilbo, No Cut News

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