SNSD Ranked #1 as Most Influential Idol in the K-Pop Boom

Through a survey that was conducted online, SNSD was ranked as #1 as the idol to have had the most influence in leading the K-Pop Boom or Hallyu Wave. 

A national survey was conducted from October 7 to 14 on an internet movie site called Max Movie ( The survey asked the site viewers, “Which idol has had the biggest influence and contributed the most to the K-Pop Boom?”

Out of the total of 1,681 votes, SNSD received 1,008 votes (60%) taking first place with a significant lead. Second place was DBSK with 193 votes (11.5%), third place Super Junior with 160 votes (9.5%), fourth was Wonder Girls with 96 votes (5.7%) and in fifth place KARA with 77 votes (4.6%). 

The people who voted for SNSD also left comments and opinions such as, “I think with SNSD’s success in other Asian countries, they would have to be the most influential,” “In my opinion, when they started the GEE syndrome, they also started the K-Pop wave,” and “SNSD was the oil that was added to the very small Hallyu fire.”