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Infinity Challenge “The 2011 Rabbit and the Turtle – Korean Version”

Turtles, listen to what I have to say! The Sea God is critically ill, so quickly go and get the liver of a rabbit. The sea god, the idol of the turtles, has become ill, so the loyal turtles go out on an adventure to protect the peace within the sea world. The Infinity Challenge “2011 Rabbit and the Turtle – Korean Version” begins now!

#Ready, Start! You must run no matter what!

It’s early in the morning and the members gather one by one in the sports field and the place they are standing on once they arrive is an athletics track. Don’t ask any questions, don’t argue, just run!

The seven men get the start signal and begin to run together and they are put into two mysterious vehicles depending on the results of their race.  The seven members are completely oblivious to what’s going on but there is an amazing mission waiting for them?!

# I have come to take your liver! The Turtle Vs the Rabbit, that has to protect their livers

They pursue and are pursued, the scramble to see who ends up with the liver in the lush green fields. The Infinity Challenge members have transformed into rabbits and turtles! Your mission is to get the liver of a rabbit, if they are about to acquire two healthy livers from two rabbits within the designated time period, they can then save the Sea God and they will also be given glistening treasures of gold, silver and other valuable items. So with that, the breathtaking scramble between the rabbit and turtles for their livers begin!

Save me! The quick and witty rabbits easily escape despite the turtles’ attempts to close in on them , after much hardship and suffering the turtles finally end up catching the rabbits, however they have no livers?!

The turtles find out that the livers have a special ability, and on hearing this, the turtles begin to lose their tempers. So where has rabbit’s liver gone? That is a secret between the viewers and the rabbits.

# Time keeps flowing on, what will happen to the Sea God?


It’s the birthday of the mighty mountain tiger, so the rabbits and turtles are invited to the tiger’s birthday party. Roar~ so that they can win the favours of the scary tiger, they begin to show off their talents. Hurray~  you’re good~  the mysterious mix between a imprudent club dance and traditional Korean story opera! In return they are all given a lucky bag, what is the identity of the surprise present given to them by the tiger?

They promised the Sea God they would be back at a certain time and that time is drawing nearer and nearer. Will the Turtles successfully get the rabbits’ liver and save the Sea God’s life?

The rabbits and turtles run around in the lush green fields till they are drenched in sweat and all of this is because of their livers. The fresh mix between a traditional fairy tale and a pursuit game, Infinity Challenge “The 2011 Rabbit and the Turtle – Korean Version.”

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