‎[Preview] KBS "Happy Sunday - One Night Two Days" - Oct. 16 Episode

The beautiful landscape of the country, if there is a beautiful place then we will travel all over to get there! Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Soo Geun, Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min and Lee Seung Gi’s back-packing trip!

Before they know it, One Night, Two Days is going on their 100th trip. They leave for a special survey trip to the thousand year old ancient capital of the Silla dynasty. They’ve always wanted to try this, the survey trip to go find our cultural heritage sites.

Seeing is believing, they will find out as much as they see and they will feel as much as they see. It’s not just about eating, sleeping and enjoying the sights but personally seeing the sights with your own eyes and filling your brain with knowledge. For the very first time, the members set out on a trip to study, what will it be like?

The special guide for One Night, Two Days’ special survey trip, they are accompanied on the trip with ex-head of cultural heritage administration, Professor Yoo Hong Joon.

Accompanied by the author of “My Trip and Review of Cultural Heritage Sites,” they go on a special survey trip to the Gyeongju Cultural Heritage sites. On the trip to Gyeongju, which has a thousand year history, the hidden stories about the culture of the Silla dynasty will be revealed.

The best of the Gyeongju Cultural Heritage sites, the museum without a roof, they head up to Gyeongju Namsan
You cannot say you’ve been to Gyeongju until you’ve gone up to Namsan. The country’s biggest outdoor museum, which contains around 250 cultural assets. Find the treasures that are hidden all over the place, lets head to Namsan.

The 7th treasure of Gyeongju Namsan as selected by the staff and the special One Night, 2 Days store is opened
The on-the-spot quiz set by Professor Yoo Hong Joon regarding the 7th treasure of Namsan, the members will get their lunch using the money gained by answering each of the quiz questions. A cucumber is $300,000, a coffee is $3 Million and the Gimbap is $10 million?! The members collapse in shock at the absolutely shocking One Night, Two Day’s store menu. Will the members be able to fill their empty stomachs and successfully complete their walk through Namsan?

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