Ooh La La Session Stuns Judges on Superstar K3

One of the most popular groups on Superstar K3, Ooh La La Session, again pulled off another impressive performance and recorded the highest score that night. The latest episode on October 14 had the remaining seven teams dedicate a song to someone special, in which Ooh La La Session chose to dedicate Shin Joong Hyung’s “Beautiful Person” to their member “Goonzo.” Choosing to go with a 1970’s setting, the members all dressed in colorful attire and ridiculous looking wigs to pull off a disco-look which was both fun to watch and listen to. The leader, Lim Yoon Taek performed an equally ridiculous dance that got the audience further excited and caused them to cheer even louder.

Before their performance, the members claimed that “We will perform as if we had an extra member on the stage with us” and this determination to work harder than before was hugely successful, with Lee Seung Chul, one of three main judges composed of Yoon Mi Rae and Yoon Jong Sin, standing up to give a round of applause. Yoon Mi Rae, also complemented them by saying “You guys gave me the best performance of the night. Your song choice, theme, dancing, and the entire performance itself was great.” Furthermore, Yoon Jong Sin said “An entertainer knows how to draw emotions of out an audience, and you guys are great entertainer” before giving them a very high score of 95.