Wonder Girls Rep on Upcoming Comeback, SNSD vs. the Wonder Girls

Representatives of the Wonder Girls stated their thoughts on having to face SNSD for their comeback. In summation, the Wonder Girls will focus on making a more complete album instead of focusing on the competition. For this, the Wonder Girls are focusing on recording their album.

A representative of JYP Entertainment stated on October 17, “It would be a lie to say that we do not care about SNSD’s comeback timing. However, instead of focusing on competition we will focus more on making a better album.”

About the album concept, JYP Entertainment kept everything under a tight lid. However, what they did reveal was that they would avoid a retro-concept and focus more on a trendier pop sound. Recording of the title went back and forth between South Korea and the US and finally finished.

JYP Entertainment stated, “The members continued recording in the US. Even though the Wonder Girls came back to South Korea last week, they still focused on recording. The concept will be not be retro like the past. We will be able to show you a new side.”

The reason the Wonder Girls is avoiding a retro concept is probably because of the Wonder Girls’ TV movie. The album will be featured in the TV movie “Wonder Girls at the Apollo,” and the music will fit into the film. The music is also going to be released in the US market. hence, it will cater towards the musical taste of US audiences.

Currently, the comeback time is set at November but the exact date is unspecified. The title song has been set but the other songs have not been as of yet.

A representative of the Wonder Girls stated, “Fans have waited for a long time for the album so we are going to be vigilant for every single song that will be on the album. The Wonder Girls will appear in front of fans with a better album and perfect performance. Please anticipate and cheer them on.”

The TV film, “Wonder Girls at the Apollo” will be broadcast on US cable television in 2012.

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