Infinite Opens Up About Their Recent Success

Recently, idol group Infinite has taken many small and big victories, earning them the nickname “trend-dol.” They have grasped the higher ranks of various music charts through their previous title track “Be Mine” and their follow-up track “Paradise,” as well as scoring first place in Mnet’s M!Countdown twice and in SBS “Inkigayo” once with the two songs. In an interview, media site enews24 meets with the excited members of Infinite.

Leader Sung Gyu opened up by saying, “I’m thankful for the large amount of love we’re receiving these days. It has been a year and four months since our debut, and we’re very thankful to the fans who’ve loved us continuously.”

Currently, these “trend-dols” are working hard in Japan as well. Having held a showcase in Japan in July, they have also successfully held a solo concert. In November, it has been announced that they will release an official Japanese album. Although Infinite is a rare ‘purely Korean’ group with none of the members having overseas experience, they have worked that much harder for an international debut. As of now, the members have studied the Japanese language hard enough that it has become possible for them to converse in basic Japanese.

Member Jang Dongwoo stated, “In international activities, language is important, but the performances onstage are more important. For Infinite, our perfectly synchronized group dance is our strong point- even going as so far to earn us the nickname ‘group dance-dol’. I think foreign fans, including Japanese fans, like that part of us.”

Infinite belongs to a label that is not idol-specic, Woolim Entertainment, which had modern rock band Nell as well as hip-hop group Epik High. Leader Sunggyu has been known to have joined the company to take part in a band, rather than an idol group like Infinite. As their beginning was rather different from the typical idol, the members also hold a great hunger for music as well. Infinite members revealed their greed for music with, “We’re currently taking instrument lessons such as the guitar.”

Infinite has been known for not having malicious rumors about them since their debut. There were also no problems with the members. When asked the reason, Infinite replied with a laugh, “We think it’s because we just alternated between the practice room and our dorm.” Member Nam Woohyun also said, “Since we did not have time where we put down activities, there was no time to take a break. We don’t even have enough time to practice. It’s impossible to partake in personal cultural activities. That’s why it’s harder to be involved in a scandal.”

Woohyun also continued, “When we went to Japan’s Niigata for a performance, we couldn’t rent a practice room so we secretly practiced once in the lobby. That’s how much the members are absorbed in their practices.”

This year’s goal for Infinite is to receive the Rookie of the Year award, as well as first place on the Oricon charts with their upcoming Japanese album. Regarding this, Dongwoo said, “There are some award ceremonies that count the release of the first official full-length album as the group’s debut, and they hand the Rookie award out accordingly to those groups. Now that we’ve experienced first place on a music program, we’re hungering for the Rookie award.”

Now having thrown off their rookie aura and stepping onto a steady path, Infinite leaves these resolve-strengthening statements as parting words, “We’ll meet again with the public with new music. We’ll become singers that get loved with music that can agree with all generations.”

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